October 21, 2010

It Works!

Near the end of my last post I speculated about some changes that might bring performance in Aurora to where it ought to be. Well, I made the changes, and they worked. Performance is as zippy as ever, and I'm happy with where it is.

I also got some custom sounds that I contracted out. It was my first time paying for an asset, so I was a little apprehensive, but it worked out nicely. I made some modifications to the sounds on my own, and not all of them fit quite as well as I'd like, but I'm satisfied. I started experimenting with dynamic pitch adjustments (which XNA helpfully provides), and the results have been quite good so far.

On a more unfortunate note, I have to delay my schedule for Aurora. I signed up to compete in the US-specific Imagine Cup competition in the Fall term. It's going to consume my next month entirely, and I have a team this time around (hooray!), so I have serious obligations to fulfill. I'll put together yet another beta version of Aurora in it current state to submit to the IGF Student Showcase and save the full release for later.

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