July 24, 2010

Getting Ready

Now that I've got a real job that both takes up most of my time and legally forbids me from working on a side-project-for-profit, things are pretty slow at home. But! One thing I can do to get ready for eventually publishing my game is getting my personal website up to speed.

emcneill.com is a small, simple thing, but it serves me well and I love it all the more for its simplicity. After reading Wolfire Games's recommendation of Google App Engine, I decided to take a peek. Since my site is all static content, it's incredibly easy to get it running on the vastly overpowered GAE.

There was one problem: GAE has a hard limit of 10MB for any file it serves, so I couldn't host Aurora or Alternex or Meridian on there. So, I turned elsewhere in the cloud and found Amazon's S3 (Simple Storage Service), which is made for precisely such things. So now I'm paying cents per gigabyte for reliable, scalable, no-hassle hosting!