June 17, 2009

Destination: Cairo

Against all odds, my one-man team and it's three-week game has advanced to the finals of the 2009 Imagine Cup Game Development competition. In a few weeks I'll be flown down to Cairo, Egypt to present the game and get a shot at the grand prize with five other finalist teams.

I actually found out over a week ago, but it's taken until now for the initial shock to wear off, and it's time I started working on my presentation. As with the other stages of this competition, I'd be completely satisfied if I didn't progress any further... but it'd be really, really cool if I did.

Of course, now that I'm a finalist, I'm a public figure! And so I won't spoil the details of the final presentation by giving up all my internal brainstorming as I usually do. Hopefully, all will be revealed in about two weeks when I can share some video of what I've cooked up.