March 30, 2009

Alternex 1.1 Goals

With 50 days left before the deadline, it's time for me to get started on revising Alternex, my game for the Imagine Cup competiton. Here's what I intend to do:
  • Improve the menu graphics by adding depth (possibly with a 3D tubes look).
  • Add a border to the game window. For some reason this seems to add a lot to a game; it takes it from the realm of the OS window to its own context.
  • Lower the information density of the main playing screen by converting some of the floating-point numbers into other graphical cues.
  • Add more "juice" into the user interface.
  • Build extra levels to play, and possibly new difficulty settings
  • Finally allow the player to replace plants in one action rather than sell and build separately.
  • Refine the endgame scoring system. Right now, it's just a barebones system, and I worry that it isn't satisfying. Perhaps a high-score list.
  • Find a way to notify the player of important goings-on without using the current in-game popup windows. They annoy people and break the action

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