March 20, 2009

Imagine Cup - Round 2

Earlier, I entered the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition.

I'm proud to say that my team, Epsylon Games, which comprises me, has advanced on to round 2.

The leaderboards suggest that about 600 teams from around the globe entered into the competition. 150 continue on to round 2. When you consider that I was a single-man team (others had up to four members plus a mentor) and that I started my game three weeks before the deadline, I'm immensely satisfied with achieving semi-finalist status.

My prize is a 12-month XNA Creator's Club Premium membership and, more importantly, two more months of development before I have to turn in the final product. The teams will be whittled down to six finalists for round 3, and those teams go to Egypt and get a shot at some nice prize packages.

I've started putting together a list of extra features and alterations I'd like to add to the game in these precious months. I'd like to add depth to the graphics, get rid of all the floating-point numbers, add in mouse wheel-controlled map zooming, fix the game's balance, and flesh out the playable content through additional levels and possibly level progression.

Somehow, I'll fit this all in amongst the other three small game projects I'd like to do, new work in the Dartmouth Tiltfactor lab, and three college classes.


Michou said...

That's exciting news! I think you've easily got the focus to achieve as much as a four-person team in any span of time, but even just being a semifinalist is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on going to round 3