January 10, 2011

One Week

Since Aurora has been "done", I've been continually finding things to change about it. A new endgame score display, new desktop icon, minor changes to the levels, and tweaks for display and sound. It keeps getting better, bit by bit. I recently sent the beta build to a bunch of my geeky high school friends, and soon I had a pile of really good suggestions. I can't act on all of them, though. I've started fantasizing about a sequel to keep myself content. It even has a name: Borealis.

But, as I often repeat, "works of art are never finished, only abandoned", and I fear that Aurora's time is drawing near. I've set a date: Monday, January 17th. If I miss it, I had better have a good reason. Otherwise, that is when I will release the game for real.

The flow of good suggestions from friends and beta testers has also come with a lot of good feedback. So far everyone has spoken positively of it. I'm not getting the pitying tone of voice that I usually get with an amateur game. It's immensely heartening.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed it, and the endgame graph is beautiful. Nice work, keep promoting it!