April 28, 2010


The first assignment in our Values at Play game design class was to design a card game that would educate about malaria prevention. My game:


Malaria is a cooperative game for 5 players, who must use nets, medications, and insecticides to stave off the threat of malaria in their village.


There are three decks of cards: the Defense deck, the Mosquito deck, and the Identity deck.
  1. Shuffle each deck separately.
  2. Deal one Identity card to each player
  3. Deal three Defense cards to each player


Malaria alternates between two phases, Day and Night, until the game is won or lost.

  1. Each player draws a card from the Defense deck.
  2. Players may exchange cards freely.
  3. Players may play any number of Defense cards to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

  1. Each player draws a Mosquito card.
  2. If the Mosquito card shows more mosquitoes than the player is protected against, that player must keep the Mosquito card, bringing them closer to death.
  3. All other Mosquito cards and all played one-time-use Defense cards should be placed at the bottom of their respective decks.

Defense Cards

The Defense deck is composed of the following cards:
  • Quinine: Protects against one mosquito. Must be discarded at the end of the Night.
  • Medication: Protects against two mosquitoes. Must be discarded at the end of the Night.
  • Bed Net: Protects against one mosquito. Does not have to be discarded. Only one Bed Net can be used per player in any round. Extra Bed Nets are wasted. Can be upgraded with Insecticide.
  • Insecticide: A player can place an Insecticide card on a Bed Net card to permanently extend the Net's protection to two mosquitoes per round.

Winning and Losing

Collecting 10 Insecticide cards (not including those attached to Bed Nets) means that the village can spray their houses with insecticide and kill the mosquitoes. All players win the game.

If any player collects the number of Mosquito cards indicated on their Identity card, then that player dies, and all players lose.

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