November 21, 2008

E's First Biped

Below are some renders of the nearly-finished cyberninja character I mentioned in the previous post. I'm pretty satisfied with how he looks, but I'm currently discovering that getting the animations to look right is more difficult than the modeling ever was.

If this turns out well and I can get it imported and working inside a 3D game, I might finally build a game that I've been kicking around inside my brain for a while. It's essentially Armored Core (though this idea came to me before I'd played AC) but with more regular PC FPS controls instead of the slower, heavier mecha feel that AC uses. I had envisioned it allowing the player to base their character on a light, medium, or heavy frame; the biped I'm making now was my conception of the light and agile fighter.

This guy is meant to be speeding around the arena and jumping off walls. The medium fighter would be a more classic FPS feel, more Master Chief than ninja. The heavy frame would hearken more towards the mechs that I usually disparage, but would still lack any autotargeting and would move fluidly. I might make the other characters this spring or summer.

Of course, there's a lot that I have to learn before I can make a game that even approaches the concept I'm babbling about. For the time being, I'm just going to focus on finishing the 3D Modeling course strong. After I've rigged my biped, the last step is to produce a short animation. I'll be sure to post that when the time comes.

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